Energy Efficiency Financing Programme

A turn-key solution for the financing and implementation of energy efficiency projects in the United Kingdom. You can upgrade equipment, save money and conserve energy – all with no up-front capital investment.
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Our experts will help you identify, finance and carry out energy improvement projects for your building or facility – and we will finance the initial cost of the high-efficiency equipment. Any technology that saves energy may qualify for the Energy Efficiency Financing Programme.

After helping you determine the most productive energy-saving technologies for your building or facility, we will finance and coordinate the installation of the equipment.

Your energy bills are reduced as a result of the energy savings achieved. You repay us a proportion of these savings each quarter over a contractualterm — typically 6 to 8 years.

After the contract term, you retain all the energy savings, reducing your expenditures and maximising your bottom line for years to come.

An example

A London hotel reduces its electricity, water and gas bills by 25% by implementing a variety of energy efficiency interventions including lighting, insulation, plant upgrades, voltage optimisation and building management systems (BMS).

During the first 7 years, there are annual savings of £50,000, even after the Energy Efficiency Financing Programme payment is taken into account. In year seven and beyond, £250,000 in annual savings goes straight to the bottom line.

Energy Efficiency Rationale

Reduced energy consumption, costs and emissions in commercial buildings and industrial facilities, through installing energy efficient systems and equipment, leading to improved operational efficiency and performance.


In buildings, improved insulation and more efficient heating systems (especially boilers), properly designed ventilation, adequate solar protection or building intertia and insulation, air conditioning upgrades(known as “HVAC” – heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

In facilities, replacements and upgrades of plant and equipment, automation and/or energy recovery to improve efficiency of major industrial and commercial processes.

Immediate benefits With the Equity Financing Programme, your property or business can acquire energy-efficient equipment while maintaining a positive cash flow.
  • Invest with little or no risk in energy-efficient technologies and new equipment
  • Little or no capital costto the host
  • Potentially, an off-balance sheet solution
  • Availability of Enhanced Capital Allowances in the first year
  • Inclusion in the carbon reduction commitment (CRC) scheme
  • Grow your bottom line through energy cost savings
  • Improved working environment, productivity and product quality
  • Make capital available to invest in other areas of your business
  • Reduce your environmental impact through decreased emissions and non-renewable resource conservation
  • Insulation against future energy price rises