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Save upwards of 10% on your fuel consumption on the majority of vehicles and engines by adding this simple patented product, whilst significantly reducing your CO2 omissions.
  • With All Fuel Types (Petrol, Diesel & Gas)
  • No Major Modifications Required For Your Vehicle
http://www.econokit.com.au/ ……..great Video Click Here also see http://www.econokituk.com/apps/blog/


Whilst reducing fuel consumption by up to 27%, the Econokit also helps reduce polluting gas emissions and will even improve your vehicles engine performance. Once installed, the Econokit costs next to nothing to run and maintain, only needing a small amount of distilled water to be topped up weekly, depending how often you use your car.
  • Reduce your fuel consumption by up to 27% for trips longer than 10 minutes so you save on fuel costs
  • No major engine modification means safe and easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance required makes it hassle free for life
  • You help protect the environment by reducing polluting gas emissions: CO2 CO and NOx
  • Improves engine performance by cleaning carbon deposits, to help extend the life of your vehicle
  • You’re covered by a 1 year warranty if installed by a certified fitter
In most cases in less year one, your savings more than pay for having Econokit installed to your car. Every year after that you’re saving upwards of 10%

How do we know this…? Because we’ve spent over 10 years researching and testing the Econokit.

heat-down-aTurn down the heat, turn up the savings
Simply by decreasing the temperature on your heating by just one degree can bring down your heating costs by 8%.
heat-down-bUse low energy lighting
Change standard light bulbs for low energy light bulbs. They provide the same amount of light, but use only 20% of the electricity and last up to 15 times longer.
heat-down-cGet switched on to switching off
Make sure where possible, all PCs, machines, equipment, lighting and air-conditioning units are switched off overnight.

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