Cost Optimisation

APS has seen continuous growth and is proud to offer cost reduction remedies across the majority of your business spend.

This is achieved through efficiency reviews and tariff revision, with every client being treated as an individual, therefore no packaged solutions are offered, and each review is bespoke to the client's requirements.
Cost Optimisation
APS works with you under a No Savings, No Fee basis, therefore if no savings are identified for you, there is no charge for our service.

APS "cost optimisation" is simple, one of the easiest ways to reduce costs and generate greater profits. That is what APS do, systematically, thoroughly and professionally, but with effective resolutions supported by knowledge of the world of supplies, prices and suppliers to which few have access.

In our experience, up to 20% of company profits will be spent on inefficient practices, excessive supplier charges or failure to renegotiate supplier contracts when appropriate. Often this situation is due to the fact that budget holders are focused on the growth and development of their businesses and have not the time or opportunity to deal with efficiency reviews, management of costs or reduction of overheads.

Our initial audit is complimentary