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There has never been a more important time to invest in energy efficiency. Businesses are looking to combat rising electricity prices, reduce their carbon footprint and maintenance costs.

Many businesses are being forced to make these changes through the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, and installing LED lighting is the obvious choice for drastic energy savings and the quickest win on CO2 reduction.

There are lots of incentives to make the switch, with funding options for your LED project through the Carbon Trust and Salix Finance. An even bigger win-win for business is the Tax Allowances through the ECA Scheme.

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

This is a mandatory scheme aimed at cutting emissions and improving energy efficiency nationwide. The scheme aims at large public and private sector organisations, who are responsible for approximately 10% of the UK's entire emissions. It is led by behavioural change, reputational benefit and efficient technology investment. Organisations must develop energy reduction and energy management strategies that encourage carbon reduction, and carbon-usage awareness.

In short, the government is now directing the largest energy users to reduce their emissions. Never has there been a time where it is so crucial to develop clever, innovative ways to reduce your energy consumption. Now you can use these initiatives to get publicity and even improve your brand's perception. In the years to come, brands will become more popular the more 'green' they become, and the higher they climb up the CRC League Table.

Our retrofit range presents you with a huge opportunity for a CRC win! Talk to our team today, to see how our clients, other CRC participants, have implemented their LED roll-out across multiple sites, with rapid results. It all adds up - with up to 85% in savings from lighting - you can achieve your CRC target in the same year, upgrade your lighting, and get huge media mileage.
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Loans from the Carbon Trust

In April 2011, The Carbon Trust launched its Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme with Siemens Financial Services.

The scheme is available to all kinds of organisations, from sole traders and SME's to corporates, local authorities and other public sector organisations, with financing arranged from £1,000 with no upper limit. Availability is subject to status, with repayment periods from 1-7 years.

Lamps and luminaires are eligible for flexible (loan or leasing) finance. Our team can assist you with your loan application and have it submitted for processing.

For more information, you can visit the Energy Efficiency Financing here:

Salix Finance Funding

Salix is a scheme that provides interest-free funding to organisations in the Public Sector, to promote investment into energy efficient technologies. It allows these bodies to improve the energy efficiency in their buildings, lower their energy bills, achieve their CRC targets and improve their eco-credentials.

Our range has been installed into numerous projects in the public sector using Salix funding. Funding from Salix is released in stages, and often on a first-come first served basis.

If you are already in receipt of a Salix fund, then an LED re-lamping project could be high on your list of priorities to continue making your building more energy efficient.

For further information please visit the Salix Finance website.

ECA Scheme

Eco-friendly AND Tax Deductible (now that is a real win-win). The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme is designed to encourage businesses to invest in energy-saving equipment. As part of the Climate Change Levy Programme, it will support the UK to reach its Kyoto target of reducing carbon emissions by 20%.

Under the Energy Saving Equipment part of the Scheme, businesses can claim enhanced tax incentives or relief into products that meet certain energy-saving criteria. Our luminaires are eligible under the scheme. This means that regardless of your size, sector or location - if you pay UK corporation or income tax, you can claim this relief. It provides 100% first-year capital allowances. The more you spend on light, the more you save on tax!!

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