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2014-12-12 133757
The final, the absolute, the conclusive, the ultimate entry deadline is midnight on Friday!

So you still have time to give your organisation the chance to shine at one of the highest accolades for sustainability in the corporate sector. Check out why you should enter, how you enter and the important facts about your entry below: 


  • Promote your organisation's sustainability ideas at these awards that run alongside Sustainability Live, an annual exhibition that brings together thousands of individuals looking for ways to make their business more sustainable
  • Get rewarded for your achievements in the sustainability division no matter what your business with categories such as Health, Safety and Environmental Skills Development Award; Innovative Water Management and Efficiency Award; Sustainability Communications Campaign Award; Innovation Award for Environmental Technology; Renewables Innovation Award plus many more...
  • Make a positive statement and be publically recognised for your company’s stance on sustainable energy and environment business practices and show how issues surrounding sustainability have become widely engrained in your organisation’s culture

    • Select which category you wish to enter by clicking here
    • Complete the entry criteria (Remember to upload your supporting documents!)
    • Select your payment method (invoice or credit card) and click submit

    • All categories are judged on specific, equally weighted criteria
    • The criteria for each category is made up of a series of text based questions
    • You will also have the option to submit supporting material such as images, graphs and tables in the form of PDF documents
    For more information regarding the entry process please go to the FAQs page on the website: www.eeawards.net/FAQs

    So enough reading! Go to the website and submit your entry now!

    Good luck and best wishes,

    The 2015 Environment and Energy Awards Team
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heat-down-aTurn down the heat, turn up the savings
Simply by decreasing the temperature on your heating by just one degree can bring down your heating costs by 8%.
heat-down-bUse low energy lighting
Change standard light bulbs for low energy light bulbs. They provide the same amount of light, but use only 20% of the electricity and last up to 15 times longer.
heat-down-cGet switched on to switching off
Make sure where possible, all PCs, machines, equipment, lighting and air-conditioning units are switched off overnight.

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